Our purpose is simple: to bring hope to those that are facing an uncertain future. We are a young family that had to face an unclear path ahead. It has been our relationship with Jesus and the support of our church family that has helped us through this time of uncertainty, and we want you to have that same experience and comfort in your journey.

The most often asked question is this:  Why would a loving God allow bad things to happen? The reality is God loves the world. Even those who have not trusted in Jesus.  But, for us, we have trusted in His name.  To the best that we are able, we have given ourselves to serving the Lord.  Full-time Christian ministry is our much awaited desire and prayer.  God has allowed this trial to come our way;  He has chosen this for me.  Physically, spiritually, and even financially our lives are being tested, but God's love has not wavered.  As a Christian, we can depend on Christ alone to sustain us.  Being a Christian simply means that I know Jesus through a relationship.   By trusting Him daily, holding on through prayer, and by reading His Word we can have peace during the hardest of times.

Romans 12:12 says, Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing instant in prayer.

 This is a simple portion of God's Word that has encouraged us, and because of this hope we began to claim for health, we came up with this acrostic: iHope: I Hold On Praying Everyday.

There are many things to hope in, but none are as lasting and consistent as Jesus.  The power of modern medicine is amazing, but what will you do when medicine can only do so much?  What will a positive attitude do when the treatments stop working?  To whom will you turn when your team of doctors have no answers?  When all else fails and all you see is darkness and hope is lost, there is Jesus, the Hope of the world.  And it is our desire to share with you how you can know Him as we do.